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Forced convection drying oven used for drying sample, executing moisture analysis and
sterilizing various experimental apparatus including glasses
Drying oven which rapidly reaches high temperature with increased thermal efficiency
It can be reached quickly to the set temperature by forced convection method, and it is
desinged to minimize the heat loss from the chamber so as to ensure high heat efficiencycy
Shelves that are easy to adjust height and easy to use
The height-adjustable shelf provides flexible space utilization for drying, and the sliding shelf,
which can be removed like a drawer, makes it easy to insert and remove specimens.
Gasket and components which withstand high temperature properly
Gasket and components having durability are applied to prevent any damage by high temperature.
Separate insulation are installed between chamber and controller board.
Windows for internal observation and a sturdy fixed-handle
For observing the specimen dried in the oven, the double-insulation glass is inserted into door,
and also lock-latch is separately applied for minimizing heat loss around the door.
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