Basic Equipment > Water Bath
Water bath used for thawing of freeze-stored sample,
storing of sample at constant temperature and for various enzyme reaction experiments
Digital controller with convenient functions
Digital type input pad is provided to set the temperature with easy manner so that more exact temperature setting ( 0.1ºC unit ) is possible compared with analog method. Key lock function of controller removes the risk of unauthorized modification in set value.
No risk of corrosion due to stainless steel
Risk of corrosion is eliminated by using stainless steel for both internal surface and cover.
Special fitting and sealing for heater position is adopted to prevent water leakage
Realization of even temperature distribution by using dual heater
Dual heater design is adopted for improved heat efficiency,
thanks to that, heating becomes faster. And composition of
even temperature distirbution is possible in the level of less than ±1ºC
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