Centrifuge > Multi Centrifuge > Varispin 6A
Compact centrifuge specific
for frequent application
Soft-Close & Locking of Door
Touch by one hand enables a door to close easily.
It doesn’t make a big noise during door closing.
Dual sensors make sure the door is closed firmly.
This reliable locking method helps users to get free
from the concern of any risk during high speed operation.
Compact Centrifuge without interference in tube loading
It is possible to use almost all tubes without being confined
to a specific tube.
Visible Blue Screen & Control Panel
Blue screen with optimized configuration shows
the needful information such as RPM/RCF,
Run time and Program number.
Easy view enables uses to adjust the value at easy manner
- User can change the speed/g-force easily
- User can choose the run time easily
>> For more quick setting, user can just recall the saved
program (total 10 memory spaces)
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