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Launch of the multi-purpose refrigerated centrifuge, VARISPIN 6R

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The “VARISPIN 6R”, a multi-purpose refrigerated centrifuge with mid-level sample processing capability
in a compact design, has been released.

VARISPIN 6R, which was born thanks to the demand for a refrigeration function to be added
to the VARISPIN 6 model, an air-cooled centrifuge that has been loved by many users,
is an ideal product to help with more diverse experiments.

Supporting a wide range of applications from 1.5ml tubes to 100ml tubes,
VARISPIN 6R guarantees efficient and stable performance in various experimental fields required by researchers.

VARISPIN 6R is a high-efficiency product that can ensure safe experiments of temperature-sensitive samples
through its pre-cooling function and excellent refrigeration control technology.
Furthermore, it is a smart product that provides energy-saving features to prevent unnecessary energy waste.

With the CRYSTE FLIP TOUCH CONTROLLER, which allows you to set the desired use with a few touches,
the user's convenience was maximized, and the vibration of the motor is minimized to enable quiet use.
This product helps you fully focus on your experiments.

-> Various tubes available (1.5ml to 100ml)
-> A wide range of applications available
-> Fast cooling function
-> Accurate and stable temperature control function
-> Low noise operation
-> Energy saving

CRYSTE promises to continue to provide innovative solutions for the safety and quality satisfaction of researchers.

Meet VARISPIN 6R right now through CRYSTE.



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