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Lid-Locking technology of the fixed angle rotor is patented

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A special angle rotor is available for the CRYSTE micro high-speed refrigerated centrifuge,
the PURISPIN 18R model. Experience the AS241.5MX rotor designed to increase the benefits of researchers.

The AS241.5MX rotor supports the AXLLOCK locking method, a quick and simple way to lock the lid.
Unlike ordinary angle rotors, the rotor lid can be easily closed with only a short rotation for locking (Patent No. 10-2417012)).
Since the lid can be easily opened and closed, the efficiency of the experiment is increased.

Furthermore, the AS241.5MX rotor includes a bio-seal to meet biocontainment requirements.
This ensures the safety of users and the environment when testing highly infectious samples that require bio-isolation tools.

Meet the AS241.5MX rotor from CRYSTE, which features a biocontainment function for
safety as well as a rotor lid that can be easily opened and closed.


Check out the test video on the CRYSTE Youtube channel!


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