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Biocontainment Package Launched!

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Biocontainment Package Launched!
As our R&D department always strives to upgrade and update its products,
recently we launched a brand new Bio-Containment Package that enables researchers or Laboratory staff in general,
treat hazardous substances, mixtures (toxic radioactive and pathogenic microorganisms)
properly while carrying out centrifugation processes safely. Thus, CRYSTE brand,
in accordance with the standard IEC 61010-2-020:2016 and Annex AA, now has the capacity to provide safe and
useful Bio-Containment option including sealing bucket and lid, an aerosol-tightness angle rotor for its Centrifuges.

Bio-Containment Package offers the following solutions to researchers:
a) Minimize the risk of contamination and protect other samples in other buckets (when using a Swing-out rotor)
b) Protect researchers and laboratory from contamination resulted from the failure of aerosol-tightness (when using an angle rotor)

Furthermore, with the help of Aerosol Tight Rotor and CRYSTE AXLLOCK technology,
the rotor lid can be locked safely and easily which secures the perfect sealing between the rotor and lid.
As a result, as it is the perfect fit against hazardous aerosols, the concern of aerosol-tightness can be discarded.

AS241.5MX angle rotor – Certified (April 27, 2020)

EBS250 bucket with Bio-seal – Certified (February 12, 2020)   


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